Playing Catch Up

Playing Catch Up

Lost Lake Trail

Tonight is just a quiet night, smoking the rest of these fish.  Four sockeye that cured all day on our kitchen counters are crowded into the smoker for the next 4 hours or so, so we’re not going anywhere.    I’m hoping to wind down from the week with some knitting and maybe even a movie and some wine. But last weekend was more of an adventure and I thought I’d post a picture from that trip.  We made it over to Seward to squeeze in an overnight camping trip before heading up to Kristen & Seth’s wedding.  Trouble was we took the well marked trail for granted and when we got 3 or so miles in we hit the snow and well, there went the trail.  We gave it a solid effort, 2 hours more of hiking around in the alpine figuring that the cabin had to somewhere close by, but turns out we never did find it. We retraced our footprints in the snow and made it back into Seward for a 10pm dinner.  But it was lovely up there, spring growth in the  lowlands, and melting snow higher up.

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