Hand Dyed

A visual tour through our dyeing day

Jessyka with all her yarn laid out and ready to dye, let the fun begin

All the gorgeous Three Irish Girl yarns, cashmerino and adorn sock and some seacell mixed in.  Soaking in a soapy wash to remove the spinning oil and any dirt left in the wool.

All wrung out and waiting for colors

Sharon showing us the basics of the kettle dye.

And then showing us just how fabulous fuchsia and turquoise can be…as if there were any doubts

Hand Painting, another technique

colors, that was the best part of all of this was just mixing up colors, painting them on and seeing what happened

Jessyka dip dyeing some super bulky

And that was that, the day went by too quickly.  I cooked my yarns at home to set them and surprisingly enough it worked, the dyes took, they are hanging up to dry in the shower and I’m excited to wind them tomorrow and even more excited to get some more undyed yarn and play with our jars of color one night soon.

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