4th of July Weekend

Child’s Glacier in the Evening

We started out the weekend with some late night Glacier campfire time, as it never really got dark and by the time it started to lighten up again, we were up quite a bit past the witching hour.  This did not set us up for much hiking this weekend.

By the firelight
As the evening wears on, or should we say the morning begins

But we managed to eke out some productivity the next morning and spent Saturday fully immersed in gutting, fileting, brining, curing, smoking and pressure canning salmon.  While we were down on the docks a helpful fisherman saw me struggling with the heads and showed me how to cut off the collars the proper way, where you actually get all the collar meat.  We smoked those and they were so delicious.  Apparently salmon store a lot of their fat in their heads so the collar is particularly decadent.

assorted carnage

  I tried making some gravlox this time, a cold cured salmon of Norwegian descent,  but it’s still in the fridge undergoing osmosis, we haven’t been able to try it but I think it will be more like lox.  It’s very simple to make and only has 4 ingredients, one of which is dill.  Searching both markets I bought all of the available dill in the town, which was 2, yes 2, packages and that wasn’t enough.  So I experimented with some cilantro and ginger that a friend had suggested, I’m looking forward to slicing into it and seeing how it turned out.

And perhaps least appetizingly, I boiled down the fish heads to make some stock for chowder, Heath did not appreciate this, as our small apartment was fairly overrun with the smell of very fishy fish.  But we’ll see how rich that chowder tastes and then decide if it’s worth it.  I did learn that the fat from salmon is also “salmon” colored…who knew?

The long weekend also brought some holiday festivities to town, with a town wide bbq, pie social and some kelp box racers.

Downtown Heath, ready for the Kelp Box Derby

Later in the day we headed out to check out the salmon spawning in the creek and take a walk along the coast, we found

some chocolate lilies along the trail and lots of salmon in the creek, albeit looking a little worse for the wear than their cousins who we saw just a couple weeks ago.

Chocolate Lily- just past prime

Salmon in Hatchery Creek

Now our bags our packed and were ready to head south for some good times with friends and a wedding celebration this next week!  PDX, here we come!

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