Seagulls & Surprise Jacket

Baby Surprise Jacket

One tiny sweater complete, I must admit it is so cute you can just imagine a baby inside it.  This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, published in 1968 and  knit voraciously in the intervening decades.  Ravelry lists over 15,000 people having made one and that’s just people who bother to add it to their online record!  It seemed like I classic so I had to try it, I’m sure I’ll make another sometime soon, especially at the rate my friends keep having babies.

Just one Otter

The Harbor

After a near week of rain we snuck out for a walk out on the breakwater , the seagull population did not seem at all diminished.


We were also trying to take advantage of the break in the weather to get ourselves ready to move …yet again.  We’re so excited about our new house though, it makes it all worth it.  I packed the best and most important box first.  See below:

Colors so Lovely you could Eat them

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