From Fillet to Finished

Fillets curing on the counter

We haven’t quite mastered the use of the settings on the new camera thus the picture is a little dark.  However here are some of the fillets curing next to a fan.  This is after they’ve been cut  into strips or in this case, smaller fillets.  They’ve also been brined in a salt solution and rinsed prior to this step.

The next morning, into the smoker they  went.  We tried the last batch in an actual smokehouse but found we had better luck in our barrel smoker.  Tending the smoker in rainy weather proved to be an all day affair.  Luckily knitting and smoking salmon are perfectly complementary activities.  I finally got past the ribbing on a new sweater.

And even got a few inches in to the repeating pattern

Anyhow back to the salmon.

Next it went into the jars that had been cleaned and heated.  This was some of the strips of salmon from the previous batch, I guess no one photographed the second batch.  I don’t think there’s really a need to weigh it but I was trying to calculate how much meat we were getting off of each fish  Also it was interesting to see that we were getting about 5oz into each half pint jar and 13oz into the pint jars.

It feels pretty satisfying to see the salmon all stripped up and smoked and neatly nestled into jars.  So much cleaner looking than while filleting it and surely tamer than the fish fighting on the end of the line.

Into the pressure canner for 90minutes at 10 lbs of pressure.

And voila!  Stable at room temperature for tasty winter meals.

Here’s one more fun one of the collars from 4 of the salmon.

All in all, lots of good fun, I hope we can get one more batch in before the silver season ends.  Though it seems Fall is upon us and I’m not sure how much longer the fishing will last.  I scraped ice off  the windshield of the truck this morning on my way to work, the thermometer said 36 degrees and the sun didn’t wake up until after 7:30.

For the next couple months we’ll lose five to six minutes of daylight a day.  Today we are at 11hrs and 56 minutes of daylight, by November 27th we’ll be at 6hrs and 36 minutes.  Winter’s coming!

But not quite yet, I think we’re all happy to enjoy a little clear Autumn sunshine.  I’ll leave with a few fun pictures from our friend Kris’ visit.

Kris in the Lagoon


Kris & The Glacier



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