Feels Like Fall Out the Road

Trumpeter Swans Passing By

We’ve been having a gorgeous streak here in Cordova these past few days and the Copper River Delta was positively sparkling last weekend.  Do you see the trumpeter swans reflected in the water?

Pushki, Cottonwoods & Snowline

We made it out for a brief hike towards Saddle Bag Glacier but had to turn back before we reached the end.  It was a perfect hike since so much of the time we were in a deciduous forest.  Nothing says Autumn like naked trees.

Looking up River

 This is as far as we made it before having to head back, hopefully we can make it back out soon.

I have to show you one of the sinister looking forest at the beginning of the hike.

A Touch of Color in the Dark Forest

Don’t let that bluebird sky and all that sunshine fool you, you can’t get velvety trees like these without lots and lots of rain.  I think I heard that we had 25″ of rain in the last 20 days of September!  That’s taking rain to a whole new level.  You’ve got to like a good storm around here.

Braided River Bed

One thing is for sure, it really makes you appreciate the blue sky days in  a whole new way.




2 thoughts on “Feels Like Fall Out the Road

  1. The pictures are beautiful. The photos are very clear, and the detail and color contrast is very vivid . It is wonderful to view the Cordova seasons thru your camera lense and narratives.

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