One More Color

Cashmerino, Llama & Alpaca Yarns

 Introducing “An Alpine Autumn”

This weekend we put out nearly 30 skeins of this new colorway.  It is more tonal than variegated and will produce a semi-solid fabric in a range of autumnal hues, from dried grasses to dusty pumpkin and rusty red, depending on the skein.  We tried some exciting new yarn bases including some spun from Alpaca and Llama fibers.  They are so soft and luxurious, I can’t wait to feel them once they are knit up.

We have another colorway coming soon, I’m realizing that the autumn colors will quickly be moving into winter.  We saw our first snowflakes today in town.  They were mixed with rain, with the temperature hovering in the low 30’s.  Rain won out in the end, but not for long.  I have some bright ideas brewing for winter colorways but for now I’m happy to still be surrounded with warm orange glow of Fall.

Bulky Weight perfect for Cozy Hats

7 thoughts on “One More Color

    • Thanks Stephinie! Your mom passed on your blog address to me awhile back, and I’ve enjoyed perusing all your musings and crafts. I’ll hope to have some lovely colors for you next summer. I’m getting ready to start dyeing some new winter ones in the coming weeks.

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