Frosty Mornings

Tide Line

 Yesterday the beach by our house was so beautiful that as soon as I got there I turned around and went back home to get the camera.  Untouched by the sun, the frost was still reaching down to the tide line at mid-morning.  Seaweed, leaves, shells and rock were all covered with a frosty glow.


Saturday we made it out to Hawkins Island, in search of Sitka Blacktail deer.  They eluded us all day, but it was a treat to look back on Cordova from the high meadows and see town nestled in the cleft of great mountains.  The snowline still creeping ever lower.

Cordova from Hawkins

On the boat ride back home we received the salutations of the otters, not at all skittish of our passing by.

Amidst chores on Sunday we made it out for a brief paddle.  Our neighbors were kind enough to lend us their boats.  It was pretty cool to put the boats in right from the house and paddle out into the sound.

From this to this in just a minute or two.

Now back to work for the week, hopefully with plenty of time for nightly knitting.

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