Suddenly, Seriously Winter

Just like that, we went from approaching winter… to full bore cold.  A week of daily snowfall has left a couple of feet of snow on the ground at sea level, and over 40″ at the snotel weather site on our local ski hill.  The ability to run out quickly and grab something without bothering to put your coat on, and for that matter your hat and mittens too, has disappeared.

Looking Out the lagoon

For all the gorgeous snow we’ve been having I seem to be at a loss for good photos.  This is in part due to the fact that for all the sunny hours of the day, like so many folks, I’m inside at work.  I stepped out into the parking lot a few days ago to capture a little bit of the sunset and alpenglow that was turning the snow a lovely cantaloupe color.

Sunset from the Clinic

Mt Eccles

Mt Eyak

It’s been a little bit like a winter fairy tail here, we’re sort of holding our breath wondering when the rain will come back.  But for now we seem to be cold enough, that any precipitation that falls is going to come down as the fluffy white stuff.  It was a balmy 9 degrees F yesterday on our way to work, and during the day our pipes to the kitchen sink froze.  Joy of joys…but still I love winter.  We’ve climbed back in to the low 20’s today.   Folks have been out snowshoeing and skiing and of course doing lots and lots of shoveling these past couple of weeks.  I look forward to taking more photos of winter fun in the weeks to come.

For now I’ll leave with this last photo of a darling baby bird.  During a weekend of house chores I found this little guy trying to stay warm near our compost bin.  A baby Varied Thrush perhaps?

Until next time, stay warm, drink lots of tea and enjoy the coziness of winter.

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