“Xtra Tufs…again”

That’s what I was thinking last month as I picked out my shoes each morning, leaving the house to walk up the trail.  So much mud, so much rain, the only sensible footwear seemed to be my brown rubber boots. Day in and day out.

Even now with the snow on the ground I find myself pulling them on every morning and slipping my ice cleats over them, such a workhorse of a shoe, where function….rather than fashion is concerned.

the inspiration

Since Xtra Tufs have become such an integral part of  Alaskan culture over the past half a century, I thought it was fitting to dye some yarn in their honor.  Maybe you’d like to have a hat or scarf to match your boots.

If so, let me introduce you.

“Xtra Tufs…again”

Xtra Tufs...again

Some tonal chocolaty browns in bulky wool and sock weight cashmerino blends, as well as some silk alpaca and super-wash varieties.

Available exclusively at the Net Loft: (907) 424-7337

5 thoughts on ““Xtra Tufs…again”

  1. So glad I’m going to be in the store this week! Those are some of my very favorite colors. I’ve always said that Xtra Tuffs level the fashion playing field. Leg warmers, anyone?

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