A Simple Weekend

I hardly took the camera out of its’ case all weekend.  It did emerge for a moment on Thanksgiving morning to capture the light on Hawkins Island.

Hawkins through the Trees

Then it hid away as I cooked in the kitchen, making cranberry sauce, apple crisp and other goodies for Thanksgiving.

It never made it out to capture the stacks of dirty dishes as we tried to navigate our lack of running water, thanks to frozen pipes.

It didn’t make it to dinner with friends & neighbors or to the ski swap.

Our Neighbor's House....looking quite wintery

I didn’t take it skiing, I didn’t want to carry it.

And Heath didn’t take it hunting, too much going on to take pictures.

So I have only a few images from the weekend.

Heath with fresh venison tenderloin from the two deer he happily brought home from Hawkins.

Heath & Delicious Vension Tenderloins

I wanted to photograph the deer hanging to cure…but without their skin I wasn’t sure if it might be a little too raw.

So instead I  bring you the less offensive crumpled pile of red yarn that will be a lovely shawl, hopefully before the week is out.

Aestlight Shawl

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