The Majestic Evergreen

Yards & Yards of Evergreen

This is where I’ve been every evening of this past week, spinning yarn into skeins and packaging them for sale.  I’m happy to report that all the yarn is dyed, dried, skeined, labeled and ready for a delivery to The Net Loft.

Since each skein is dyed by hand it can be a little tricky getting the colors to be a very close match from one skein to another.  I took special care with these 3 large skeins of Latouche yarn and dyed them in colors of Christmas Trees.


The Sweater Set

I dyed them specifically with a sweater in mind.  This yarn feels so nice next to the skin, it’s soft and squishy, but durable and thin enough that it won’t be too hot to wear.  Large skeins also mean less ends to weave in and this set of three gives you a generous amount of yardage, enough for a sweater, and  maybe even a matching hat.

The details:

Latouche (3 double skeins)

1600 yards (3 skeins x 558 yard skeins)

750g (3 skeins x 250g )

100% BFL wool

DK weight

There is more than just the sweater set to be had.

Piles of Yarn

I dyed bulky & fingering, llama & wool, and even…

Five Weights of Cashmere


fingering, dk, worsted, aran and chunky

50g per skein

All I want for Christmas…

Cashmere in Evergreen

is cashmere.

All yarn exclusively available at The Net Loft: (907)424-7337

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