From April Sunshine to May Snowshowers

Snow on the Trees- May 2nd

I had to do a double take this morning.  After a very sunny April, and a rainy first of May, we woke to falling snow!  It kept up for most of the morning, but seems to finally be warming up to rain.

April’s sweater is almost done being blocked.  I’m hoping it’s dry and ready to be seamed up tonight.  After that there is still a hood to knit and some finishing trim for the collar and hood.  This is my first sweater knit flat, I’m curious to see how the construction process goes.


Snow Capped Yarns has another colorway in the works for the Shorebird Festival.  Here’s a look at all the yarn before it hit the dye.  There is sheep, camel, silk, alpaca, and cashmere fiber in the mix!

Undyed Fiber

This has all been converted into a new colorway that will be released along with another commemorative colorway from Three Irish Girls, all this Saturday at The Net Loft.

While Heath has not been bit by the knitting bug…it does seem that he can’t get enough time for wood carving since his recent class with local carver, Mike Webber.

Adze work

He finished up a halibut bowl carved out of yellow cedar in the class, which happened to make the newspaper ( the photo of his bowl is on page 4)!  And now he’s on to a mask out of some cottonwood…it will be neat to see how it progresses. x

Working on the mask

It looks like a very satisfying hobby , I’m having a hard time just watching.

2 thoughts on “From April Sunshine to May Snowshowers

    • no more snow inspired yarn until next Fall…..must think summery thoughts 🙂 I’ve got some ideas brewing for these “warmer” months

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