All About August

This is August:


This is his mom and dad:


Remember them from here?

Well now they’ve got August.


Isn’t he precious!


Here he is sporting the baby coat I made for him out of Jamieson’s Shetland Chunky Wool.

Looks like it might fit him for the next…umm…2 years!


And since it didn’t fit quite yet I had to make him something else, something for this winter.

After several fitful attempts we ended up with this little green sweater.


You can’t see too much of it…but it’s knit with simultnaeous set in sleeves.  A technique I learned from the brilliantly talented  Gudrun Johnston this October at Squam.

Here I am with the dashing young August:


It’s a simple stockinette pullover with seed stitch cuffs, hem and collar.

I see more of this construction method in my future, what a great way to set in a sleeve!

Oops better get back to the subject at hand.

This is supposed to be all about August.

Here’s one more with his mom:


And then just one to highlight the wonderful effect that gravity has on his little cheeks:


What a sweet, gentle little boy.

Welcome to the world little August, I hope to see you again soon!

13 thoughts on “All About August

  1. Ah, he’s so cute and cuddly. I don’t have anyone with such a young baby close to me anymore. The sweaters look great!
    And might I add, the one you’re wearing yourself isn’t bad either!

  2. Hi Shelly,
    As the proud grandparents, we took particular pleasure in your photos and knitting re: our sweet Gus. Brooke and Chris really value your friendship and love.
    Thanks for sharing.
    George and Pat

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