Swans In the Springtime

This is my third spring in Cordova.  As we drove out the road this morning I said to a friend that every year we’ve lived here has been a year of superlatives.  First, a colder than usual winter, pipes froze for the first time in 30 years.  Second, a snowier winter than usual, remember Snowpocalypse…they actually called in the National Guard to help shovel the roofs!  And now this year, the latest Spring in a long time.

Buds are tight on the trees, wild grasses aren’t yet green  and the skunk cabbage has hardly begun to unfurl.  My neighbor’s daffodils just bloomed this week, amidst a constant downpour, 60mph winds and a spattering of snow.  I had to shelter the new flower baskets, flown from Washington, in our garage….for 4 days, because it seemed all the flowers might die of exposure.

Today, we took a boat ride down the Eyak River and it felt like maybe, just maybe, Winter was ready to turn over the landscape into the capable hands of Spring.  There’s very little growing but it just had that feeling that the snow on the mountains was melting rather than accumulating.  It felt good to get some sun on our faces.  I look forward to heading down the river in June and July, spying the wild irises dotting the river banks with dark violet.

Eyak River Walk

But lest we be lulled  into a Summery outlook, the clouds managed not only to rain, but actually to hail on the boat ride back up river.  The hail didn’t last long but the thermometer in the truck reading only 37 at midday was a cautious reminder that Winter is never too far behind or too far ahead here.  Cordova is like the real Winterfell.

Rain Coming

Enough about the weather.

We made our way out the Delta looking for some of those elegant Cordova residents I mentioned yesterday.  Here’s a clue to what’s coming next from Snow Capped Yarns.  Something, subtle and sophisticated, nothing flashy but lovely none the less.  IMG_7247

3 thoughts on “Swans In the Springtime

  1. Hahn, Shelly. You’re a good fit for Cordova! One needs to accept what the area has to offer, and to not expect more! Love your posts for their peace and beauty.

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