We’re Live: In Trumpeter!


I’ve been dyeing yarn for our Local Yarn Shop, The Net Loft, for almost two years now, and in that time we have focused on selling locally in our tiny remote town.  I always gave you a phone number and encouraged you to call or email if you wanted to purchase some yarn, and some of you very patient yarn lovers did just that!  Thank you!

Well finally, today, I can give you a link to order Snow Capped Yarns online!

Dotty, the owner of The Net Loft, has put together a lovely website showcasing many hand-dyed yarns and specialty gifts.  Let me introduce you to my newest colorway…



In honor of the elegant Trumpeter Swans that reside in large numbers throughout the Copper River Delta.  I’ve dyed a batch of yarn inspired by their coloring: natural white accented by tawny browns, a range of grays and punctuated with crisp black.

The Trumpeter Collection

I dyed this colorway on 5 different bases, from fingering to heavy worsted weight.  But I don’t have to tell you all the details over here…because they’re all on the website!

But I am really excited about this new yarn base, Chenega, a fine count single ply wool:

Single Ply Heavy Worsted Weight in Trumpeter

Chenega in Trumpeter

and about Perry, an Alpaca/Silk/Merino blend that knits up like this, and feels like a dream:

Honey Cowl Detail

Here it is in the honey cowl pattern by Madeline Tosh :

Honey Cowl on my Head

Everyone needs one of these, maybe more!  I wish I didn’t have to put my honey cowl back on display in the shop, it’s cozy enough you just want to keep it with you.  I see why more than 11,000 of these that have been made so far, with 10,000 more in queues!

Anyhow, let’s leave you with some images of the Swans themselves.  I took these just this past weekend out on the Copper River Delta.Trumpeter Swans on the Copper River Delta

Walking Swanand maybe just one more of what you might see if you walked in to the shop to buy yarn in person, Dotty does such a nice job with the styling of all her displays:

Shop Display

But in case you aren’t in Cordova in the near future, we’ll be putting up all the Snow Capped Yarns right here!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, and if you knit with our yarns please tell us what you think.

14 thoughts on “We’re Live: In Trumpeter!

  1. My goodness Shelly. I cannot get over how amazingly beautiful this picture of you is. Seriously. You have hit your my-mouth-drops-open beautiful age. You look radiant. I’d buy the damn colorway just to look like that!

  2. Oh Shelly! What a lovely thought to be inspired by swans and make an own creation! It makes me thinking of nature as a never ending source of inspiration I could use as well! Thank you!

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