One thing that sometimes gets me down when  navigating the virtual world is that it so often only captures the highs, the carefully curated moments of a person’s life, that we deem worth sharing. As I bounce from blog to blog to Facebook post I often end up feeling like a very boring and stunted person as I look through everyone else’s “highlight reel.”

So I understand if this makes you mad…and I’m not trying to brag….but…..

I got to do something exceptionally awesome this week!

It all happened because I had some free time, the weather was gorgeous and I live in a very small town.  My husband had to take some aerial photos for a project he’s working on and they just happened to have an extra seat on the helicopter!  So with about 5 minutes notice I was able to join them.


Check it out, I’m pretty excited!  It was my first time in a helicopter and it was just as amazing as I had imagined.  The initial moment of lifting straight up in to the sky and just hovering made me break out in a permasmile.

What a treat to see this place I live, from above…but not that far above, helicopters can travel so close to the ground!  At one point we lifted straight up from the valley to pass over the ridge line and descend into the next drainage, what a sight to see the mountain side level with your eyes and then to ascend above  it. The mountains are all still completely snow covered, and riddled with avalanches…adding to the drama and beauty of the vistas.


We saw a solitary set of tracks climbing up the valley, over the ridge and down.  Likely a hungry bear searching for something edible…see them there just to the left of center in the photo below?


Being up there made me feel like the place I live is both more finite and more limitless at the same time.  I felt spurred to explore more this summer and traverse some of those high meadows and ridge lines    Actually seeing the landscape bolstered my confidence about exploring more of it, off the trails.


How great is it to do something new, something for the first time?

As we get older it can be harder to grab those “firsts.”

Other recent firsts for me:

having something for sale online

butchering a pig (can’t wait to show you a couple photos from that one!)

splurging on flower laden hanging baskets just to add some color

driving a boat off the trailer and into the water….still need lessons about getting it back on

bought a ticket for a solo international trip….with a writing project in mind

What have you done for the first time recently?

15 thoughts on “Hover

  1. Spinning!!!
    Oh Shelly, what an amazing trip! It’s beautiful. Apart from the noise from the helicopter it must be absolutely silent up there.
    It looks so unspoiled. Does the snow melt in the summer or is it permanent, like your smile?
    I haven’t butchered a pig, but last year me and my son had to kill a chicken; the neighbour kept complaining about the noise. Grrr.
    The yarns are exactly what I expected; white for the snow, black for the rocks and very beautiful.

    • Thanks Monique! It is rather unspoiled..the snow will melt over these next couple of months, it’s a little late this year. Just to clarify maybe I should just say I butchered half a pig…it was already dead, and the guts removed..and sawed in half…but still quite a new experience for me. I’m glad you like the yarn, that means a lot coming from you! I hope to see you again one day…on your continent or mine.

  2. Wonderful post, Shelly! As you know I travelled solo in Europe last fall, which was a first and outside my comfort zone and scary and invigorating all at the same time. Tho I have nothing in particular planned, I’m looking forward to lots more firsts in my lifetime, & keep dreaming about flying lessons!

    What beautiful vistas you saw as you were hovering!

    • Yes Lynn…a solo Euro voyage complete with your custom wardrobe…soo cool! I think even the little firsts are really important. Starting this post a few days back I thought about how many firsts I turn down, just to observe. And realized it’s usually much more satisfying to participate. So here’s to looking for more firsts…Flying lessons would be awesome!

  3. Thanks Shelly for sharing. What stunning photos. It is people like yourself who have inspired me to finally take the plunge and go public. This is something I have fought with for far too long so I read your ‘Fresh’ post with much interest.

    So what have I done recently for the first time – set up a Twitter account and very soon I will be launching my blog. This is completely new territory for me. Look forward to chatting to you more in the virtual world or perhaps meeting up with you again one day at a yarn event.

    • How exciting! You can find me at Shelly Kocan@SnowCappedYarns on twitter, I will look forward to seeing you online, and yes perhaps one day at a yarn event! We can hope that,like Susannah says, “Something magical and transformative happens when we create a space to hold our voices. Here’s to shared magic!

  4. Wow, so fun! That’s on my list of things I want to do someday…maybe flying along the coast in Hawaii.

  5. I often feel daunted here, there are so many firsts to try and completely wild terrain to explore. Hooray for new adventures. You have inspired me to say “yes” more often 🙂

    • Yeah! It can be such daunting terrain, wildlife, weather…I totally hear you. Here’s to finding more firsts in the midst of all those challenges!

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