Often I hike for the movement, the exercise, the destination rather than dawdling to appreciate the treasures along the way.  I’ve always been one to happily hike long miles…as long as I could take my time at the midpoint and sit and gaze or write or swim or nap before returning…really enjoying actually being out.  Be it a mountain top, the lakeside or in the high country; once I get there I love soaking up the hard earned solitude and the panoramas that usually accompany it.  I look forward to some longer days as we slide in to summer and the snow slips away.

Yesterday my ambition was just to have some time to myself outside in the sun, some time to wander and play with my camera and time to sit and write.  It felt pretty luxurious, and deeply satisfying.

I hiked up a section of a local trail, a section that might usually take 40 minutes round trip…but I spent 3 hours…and because I took my time, I saw this:

Tree Huskand this

IMG_7786and I sat for awhile and wrote looking out through the trees and down at the newly melted Eyak Lake

IMG_7814it was nice to slow down and notice the little things, like the quickly emerging fiddleheads:

Fiddlehead Fernsand the refreshing gurgle of the melting snow.

Snow Melt



15 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. What a beautiful place you live in. I can just imagine how lovely it must have been for you to soak up the sun and being outside after a long winter. May you have some wonderful summer hikes.

    • Thanks Jolandi! I do feel lucky to be here…it is beautiful, but often very windy and rainy. Looks as though, we are on opposite sides of the planet..I imagine your world to be made up of shades of reds and oranges…and ours of blues and greens. I’m sure while we’re trying to soak up every ray of sun you’ll be trying to stay cool this summer.

      • You are quite right Shelly. Summer for us is a time to be mostly indoors – it is our time of hibernation so to speak. It is during winter that we can enjoy the sun and the beauty nature has to offer here. I still enjoy being outside in our garden at sunrise when it is relatively ‘cool’ and I do treasure those moments.

  2. What a luxury to live in such a beautiful place ! It must be great to see the constant changing in nature. Enjoy your hikes and thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

  3. Good for you to slow down and really “see” your surroundings. It is funny that the more you do this the more details you see, that you would never notice otherwise.

  4. Your beautiful pics and the soft words just took me on the hike with you! I am so lucky you too find your peace out there. I know how powerful it could be to marvel at the wonders of nature and all the small details we use to rush over normally.
    Wish you a lot more peaceful walks and hope you share some of them with us!

  5. I love the stillness that comes over me when I look at the pictures. It’s nice to slow down and see what’s really out there. Thanks for sharing.

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