Sushi Success

This past Friday, the Science Club rolled nearly 500 rolls of sushi and sold them to nearly 200 members of the community.

Sushi Rolls Ready to be Cut

Just a Few of the Sushi Rolls Ready to be Cut

I didn’t know if it could be done, the most sushi I’d ever rolled at one time was maybe 20 rolls, and that was quite an endeavor.  20 to 470 is an exponential jump.

The day before the fundraiser, seeds of doubt began to take root as I started wondering if we could pull it off.  A very wise woman told me, “don’t say I hope we can do it” say that, “we will.”

I had to harness my inner Yoda, and my inner Martha Stewart… keeping 8 high schoolers focused on rolling sushi for 9 hours and then getting 170 orders right, requires some  serious organization.  But working together, we pulled it off…with hardly 5 minutes to spare.

some cut & still rolling

some cut & still rolling

At 5 o’clock we were ready and people started pouring in to pick up their boxed sushi.  We all worked really hard and  felt good about making some unique, delicious food (bacon mushroom sushi anyone?)

And we raised quite a bit of money for the club.  We’ve got high hopes of a trip to Iceland next summer….so I think this is only the first of many fundraisers.  I hope that they are all as successful as this one.

After all that hustle I indulged in some quiet time at my house, and that’s largely where I spent the weekend, recharging my batteries and resting my feet.

2 thoughts on “Sushi Success

  1. Wow! This was a lot of sushi!
    Hope for you to reach the total amount, so you can go to iceland! Would love to go there too, I think it is a stunning and beautiful part of the world.
    Wish you a happy day

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