Weekly Love #3

A week of gratitudes, one per day

Icelandic Poppies & a Shooting Star

Icelandic Poppies & a Shooting Star

I’ve noticed that being busy is not exactly conducive to being grateful.  It’s been a full week, with my mom visiting and us trying to tackle some big projects.  Overall I am extremely grateful for her help, for her willingness to travel across the continent and spend her free time lending me a hand,  I’m grateful for the ability to take a little time off of work and focus on our house and for some good weather to work outside.  But when I try to pause and reflect on individual moments, much of the week feels like a blur.  Case in point, three of us just spent a good 15 minutes trying to recall what we even did on Monday after work.  Maybe next week I can move a little slower and take a little more time to pause and be grateful in the moment.

But better late than never..here is my week of gratitudes, a little blurry in reflection but there, none the less:

Wild Iris in the Garden

Wild Iris in the Garden


Saturday night found my mom and myself volunteering at a community fundraising dinner along with some friends and other community members.  It’s a big bash to raise money for the Prince William Sound Science Center.  It was a full night that kept us on our toes, but it felt good to be able to help out in a way that is useful and needed.

Copper River Nouveau Registration

Copper River Nouveau Registration


We attacked the lawn.  What once was our strip of lawn is now the beginnings of a perennial flower bed.  I’ve never cared much about flowers in the past, but this year it has hit me like a sickness.  I am constantly doting over our pots and baskets of flowers and sprouts seeing if they grown an inch or if the bud is starting to open, even if I just looked at it 10 minutes prior.  And for whatever reason MORE seems better, so I’ve overindulged in annuals and I decided I wanted some perennials to increase my flower potential….what, they come back every year!

So, with the help of my mom, we ripped up the grass, leveled the dirt, tiered it with stones and planted some flowers.  One thing that really tickled me about the process was that we picked up the stones from someone in town who was only too happy for us to take them off their hands.  And then once we had dug up the sod, a friend of ours picked up the squares of grass to patch their yard.  It’s really neat when one person’s trash really is another person’s treasure…or at least exactly what they need at that moment.

It’s still in progress, here’s a glimpse of where we’ve got to so far:

Garden Beginnings

Garden Beginnings


Grateful for a good summer read.  I finished Still Points North, by Leigh Newman, an engrossing memoir about her Alaskan childhood, her family breaking and an honest look at how she made sense of it all.  It’s the second book I’ve read recently that is written largely from the perspective of a young child.  Hers was an uplifting story of her circuitous search for finding a peaceful place in herself. (By the way, my other recent read was The Cat’s Table, by Michael Ondatje, also excellent!)


I just have to mention the glorious weather we’ve been having…our town had a record breaking heat wave..hitting 90 degrees!  This has resulted in collective excitement and town wide summertime fun..you can see some more photos here on Cordova Buzz.  Apparently most of the state was enjoying the sun, a very rare thing for stormy Alaska.  NASA captured this image of nearly the entire state…cloud free!

Rare Cloud Free Alaska

Rare Cloud Free Alaska


I was grateful to get into the lake. Of course this was probably the coolest night yet, but a friend and I still got in for a swim, so refreshing…baptism by water.  I love swimming in fresh water in the summer and to be honest it just doesn’t happen that much when the temperature hovers in the 50’s.  But I hope to take advantage of these warmer temps this summer and come home with a wet towel more often.

This little lake excursion was followed by a lovely evening with my mom, we enjoyed dinner out and some crafting time at  The Net Loft, a well earned break after all that digging and planting.


I’m grateful for wildflowers and enough wild space that we could harvest some for the garden.  Now we have irises and chocolate lilies!



So that brings us to today:

I’m grateful for a good night of sleep, a morning spent working on new design details for Snow Capped Yarns, a slow afternoon helping my mom pick out new yarn at The Net Loft and some quiet time at home…a little more restful compared with the past week.  And…I got a new table cloth…oh yes in case you were wondering, it does have flowers all over it:  bright orange-red poppies amidst some turquoise, white and yellow blooms.  It sure adds a little color and bright to our dining room…and brings more flowers inside.

Dwarf Dogwood transplanted into the Garden

Dwarf Dogwood transplanted into the Garden

If you want to join in this exercise of gratitude and pause, please do! Instructions are right here.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Love #3

  1. What a sweet wee blog you have going here. I’m glad to have tripped over it… you… your window to your lovely life in A Small Town in Alaska. Nice to meet you, I’m Jen!

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