I’ve been Playing with Scissors

I spent this morning playing with images and words; scissors and double sided tape.  It is really fun, in fact I only stopped because my tape ran out.  I was turned on to the idea from Jamie Ridler and made one huge board a few months ago.  She has a practice of making dreamboards on every full moon, (here’s a great one of of hers.)  I haven’t joined that party yet but I’ve still been itching to collage.  Today I couldn’t stop at one.

I made 4 boards, each a page in an old sketch book, picking pictures that evoked feelings and ideas that I desire.


Sensual & Receptive

The thing about the collage process that I find so curious is that it circumvents the wordy part of my brain and pulls more from my heart, placing images to create a gestalt.  Arranging images that I love, even though I’m not sure why I love them or why I just have to place a picture “just so.”



I’ve been working through The Desire Map, sifting through feelings, trying to find which ones really make my heart sing.  I’m still in progress with them but these are what I’m sitting with for the time being,


I used some of those feelings as a jumping off point as I sifted through the images I’ve been saving for months.  These two focused on Abundance.



I especially love the tea service, clipped from an article about travelling by luxury train…how abundant is that!  Or the chance to sit on top of Mauna Kea again and take in the sunset off the Hawaiian coast, or a passport that gets used regularly, or fresh tomatoes, or shortbread cookies that don’t have to be gluten free, or an epic bouquet of dahlias.

All of those things make me feel very abundant.

And then this one seemed to draw images of abundance from a financial perspective, an abundance of opportunity that money affords.



Like a safari in South Africa or a trip to Budapest or a shower that might as well be a sanctuary.

I found that some of my pages tended towards being almost monochrome..and many of the pictures here held hues of gold and silver..interesting, no?

I’ve got a few more pages started, it’s addictively satisfying, I highly recommend it.  In fact I might make a few more, now that I’ve got a brand new glue stick.

7 thoughts on “I’ve been Playing with Scissors

  1. Great! You have reminded me to create a new board – or dream book – for myself! The last time I made one was around six years ago and I was astonished a couple of months back when I came upon it again and saw that everything had come to life. I think that it’s so important to visualise what you want because, in this way, we recognise that signs of them when they come and find ourselves walking down those paths. Great, I’ll say it again!

    • Thanks Kiki, how great to stumble upon one from years ago and see how much has come to fulfillment. It feels like a great exercise in getting clearer on what you desire…and it’s just really fun. Happy collaging, can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

    • Kiki, what you said is so true… I ran across a vision board that I’d done almost ten years ago and realized that I’d actually received everything that was on the board. I have a new board now, yet I’ve been having a hard time believing that everything will also come to pass on it. Thank you for reminding me. Your post was gift from the universe to me today. Blessings to you :).

  2. These are gorgeous. I used to spend time most weekends on my future book doing something very, very similar … and this has prompted the urge to get back to visualising how i want to feel. Thanks for sharing

  3. When you come to your Safari in South Africa, please do come and stay over with my family – we would love to have you.

    In abundance,

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