Today I had some acupuncture.


It’s been awhile..I’m reticent to say, but maybe a few months.

This is made all the worse because I am an acupuncturist, this is what I do all day, most days of the week.  But it usually takes a major confluence of events for me to actually end up on the table,

sticking needles in myself.

I don’t recommend this, if you have options, but I live in a remote town and I am my only option.

When I do treat myself it’s usually fairly simple, usually only a couple points on each limb, maybe one on the abdomen.  I’ve gotten good at needling my feet and then gingerly reclining without moving my legs, adjusting my hips and then finishing off with needles on my arms.


When I’m working with patients I see a lot of sciatica, a lot of rhomboid pain, problems with arms and knees and problems with all parts in between.  I also see insomnia that sometimes won’t budge and anxiety that responds like a charm.  I see stress in all its many manifestations and flatness that weighs a soul down.

I could feel myself revving up today, my heart beating a little faster, my mind a little busier.  I’ve got change in the pipeline, I’ve put some new ideas out there into the universe and now I am in the uncertain place that is neither here nor there…and for me that tends to show up in something like background anxiety or nervousness.


I’m not paying it too much attention, it’s just what I do when change is on the horizon,

it’s just how uncertainty looks in my body.

But I had a cancellation today and put myself on the table.


8 needles and I knocked myself out.

It was long overdue and it was fantastic.

Sometimes being on the other side of the needle you forget how deeply soothing acupuncture can be.

How calming the nervous system FEELS different then telling your patient that acupuncture will calm you.  Telling them that part of its’ strength is the ability to shift you from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic.  From fight or flight to rest and digest.

It’s different to say it than it is to feel it.


And even if you’ve been there a hundred times, you forget.  At least I do.

One thing that I don’t hear anyone mention about Acupuncture is that

it is a POTENT way to tap into your creativity…your source

It gives your whole self


a fresh start

it loosens your mind’s grip on reality as it normally sees it.

It sends you drifting between here and there in dreamlike spaces only to eventually surface




19 thoughts on “Acupuncture

  1. What a lovely poetic post, love your writing! “I see stress in all its many manifestations and flatness that weighs a soul down.” & “It sends you drifting between here and there in dreamlike spaces only to eventually surface” speak to me. Going to look up the meaning of ‘parasympathetic’

  2. Renewal. Yummy. Reminds me that a fresh start and a new perspective can really move stuck stuff. A good rain, massage too, a run or big sweat, good sex, a new recipe. I think there are a lot of paths we forget to take to stir up the pot of life. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Would be so nice if you lived nearby! I felt the innerpeace reading your blog, imagine what happens if I’m actually on your table? 🙂 I love your way with pictures.

  4. Your writing style and sharing your feelings was so full of good spirit! If I did not LOVE my own acupuncturist, I might have to fly to AK ! Thank you for blessing us with your words.

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