The Will to Grow

So we started out with this:


A thin patch of grass that mostly gets run over as we pull in and out of the driveway and some wooden boxes with rhubarb and horseradish.

A week later we ended up with this:

Ready to Settle In

All the plants ready to settle in

From this distance it doesn’t look like much, you can see our stone work, the 2 tiers we leveled, the stone fill so graciously given by our neighbor, and hints of greenery.  But you can’t see all the little plants and their new growth that, despite all odds, is happening.

Like this transplanted fern sending up hopeful new shoots, even though we moved it when it was 3 feet tall.

New Fiddleheads Emerging

New Fiddleheads Emerging

Or the wild iris & columbine, plucked from two totally different ecosystems, managing to bloom, side by side.

Eyak River Iris & Wild Columbine

Eyak River Iris & Wild Columbine

Or this Yarrow that seems to be taking root and hardly shows any stress from the move.

Yarrow in the Garden

Yarrow in the Garden

The poppies continue to bloom and I’ve noticed some Queen of India nasturtiums poking their heads out of the ground.  It’s inspiring to me, their tenacity, their will to grow, even when they’re whole life has been uprooted. Pun intended.

Icelandic Poppies...sometimes orange and sometimes yellow

Icelandic Poppies…sometimes orange and sometimes yellow

The chocolate lilies and the river beauty didn’t handle the move so well, so I’ve cut them back, we’ll have to wait for next year to see if they return.

I’m excited to see the Cosmos and especially the Lilies when they put out their blooms

Lillies & Ferns

Lillies & Ferns

And now I’ve got my heart set on adding more flowers, my wish list includes: bleeding heart, foxglove, ranunculus, primula, bearded iris, tulips, lupine, delphinium and those gigantic orange poppies.  We’ve seeded some columbine, lupine, poppies and delphinium, giving them a head start for next year.  But others I’ll be hoping to gather from friends’ perennial gardens and gracious neighbors.  It’s fun for the garden to grow with stories of connection to people and relationships as well as with bold indomitable color.

2 thoughts on “The Will to Grow

  1. Is there anything more hopeful than a new garden? I love the photos of the before and after–they make me think about the joy-filled times I’ve “ordered” my own plots on this earth. Looking forward to an update as the season passes.

    • Thanks Kathryn, the plants just weathered some serious rain & wind this past week. Some of them are broken and lying down today, but we’ll see what a little sun and time will do.

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