There’s Magic in the Details

I dyed a new batch of yarn.  A brand new colorway.

The Sea Otter & The Starfish

The Sea Otter & The Starfish

It’s called,

“The Sea Otter & The Starfish”

Inspired by the sea otters lazing about Prince William Sound.


Occasionally you see them with

a starfish, a brilliant plum Pacific Sea Star.

But of course, you don’t always have your camera.

So sometimes you work with lovely people, who just might draw you one, if you ask real nice.  You might not actually even have to ask, but just secretly hope.


And that lovely drawing might just be accompanied by well researched fonts and end up looking darling on a yarn label.

Hand Painted Yarn Labels

and she might even hand paint every single one, because after all, there are only 60.

Like I said the magic is in the details.


If you’d like a skein of your very own, you can find them on The Net Loft  website.  Hand-dyed, limited release, on 7 luxurious bases.

And while you’re there you’d be silly not to enter our Give-Away.

Give Away Package!

Give Away Package!

Enter for a chance to win a skein of The Sea Otter & The Starfish, a Net Loft notions bag, a starfish cookie cutter and some Alaska made Fireweed Soap!

Just click here, add the Free Give-Away to your cart and one winner will be drawn

next Wed July 17th!

Here’s hoping you win!

Please enter and share, I can’t wait to see how many countries are represented.

Opening Night Display

Opening Night Display

14 thoughts on “There’s Magic in the Details

  1. So gorgeous, Shelly! I’m bummed I missed the release, I love the colors in your yarn….can’t wait to get back to town and fondle each skein!

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