An Icelandic Adventure: My own Saga Begins

I still remember Christmas morning 1987, talking with my Aunt on the other end of phone wires that I envisioned stretching clear under the Atlantic Ocean.  She was stationed in Iceland that winter and I mostly remembered the term “white out” being used while we passed the phone around exchanging holiday greetings.  It conjured images of fitful snow as I imagined a place perfectly black in the darkness.  Black gusting wind, white driven snow…and somehow it seemed absolutely magical.

That’s probably the first time I actually heard of Iceland, I was 8.

And tomorrow I’ll be aboard an IcelandAir flight bound from Anchorage to Reykjavik.  It’s not that I’ve always dreamed of Iceland since I was a kid…but at some point in adulthood it firmly lodged itself as one of my most desired destinations.

Planning & Packing in Progress

Planning & Packing in Progress

I passed through the airport last fall on my way back from Shetland, so close but all I could do was poke around the single gift shop and the duty free, never stepping outside the airport.

But now it’s for real, I have 2 weeks, on my own, to explore.  I’m not going just for vacation, though I imagine my itinerary will feel quite satisfying.  Rather I’m going to do some groundwork for a knitting related project!

I’m greatly looking forward to watching the adventure unfold.  I plan on photographing and documenting so that I can share it with you…or anyone you know who happens to be besotted by the dual obsessions of Knitting & Iceland.

Now back to packing.  Don’t worry I am bringing an extra duffel, one can never underestimate the amount of yarn you might need to bring home!

6 thoughts on “An Icelandic Adventure: My own Saga Begins

  1. Oh, how I ache to fit in that extra duffel for a ride over!! Please have a blast and do it all and then tell us everything. I have been meaning to call…so I would like to reserve a visit when you get back to hear all and fondle all the goodies you bring back:) I will be thinking of you constantly until your return:)

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