Leaving AK…Destination Ísland!

Where else...but the Anchorage Airport?

Where else…but the Anchorage Airport?

I had to park my wheelie cart here, next to the largest Kodiak bear ever shot,  as an attempt to dwarf the size of my enormous luggage.

Yesterday I found myself actually packed and ready to go with time to spare. Unfortunately that only left me with more than enough time to obsess about how much STUFF I was bringing with me.  Gone are the days of traveling lightly, at least not this trip.

In my defense, that gigantic duffel is full of camping gear…and car camping gear at that.  I figured I might as well bring Heath’s uber thick sleeping pad, my full size pillow and an extra sleeping bag in case it’s cold. I mean I do want a  good night sleep, even if I am in my tent.

But as far the other three bags I have no defense, try as I might I couldn’t bear to leave anything behind.  Not my 4 books or 3 journals or computer or winter coat or rain pants or chocolate bar or meals and snacks for 2 days or knitting needles or gifts of yarn or headphones or maps…you get the picture.

It all seemed absolutely essential.

And now that I’ve got it all, I intend to use absolutely everything I have, and if I don’t hopefully I’ll remember for next time and smartly leave it at home.

On Time!

On Time!

One hour till we board, I’ve got a hot mug full of tea, and enough to entertain me for days.  Unfortunately my flight is barely more than 7 hours!

See you tomorrow.

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