We Flew Over the Night

On Icelandair, each seat has its own screen, and they display a map of your route and a map showing the bell curve of night moving across the world’s time zones.  I watched it move from right to left as we flew, but the top of the curve never quite touched us.  This is as dark as it got, for about 40 minutes.

Somewhere over Greenland

Somewhere over Greenland

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep more than a few minutes.  But now I’m here and it’s a brand new day.  8:45 am in Reykjavik, and since nothing is quite open yet I thought I’d have a spot of coffee and hide behind my macbook for a few minutes.

A laptop makes for your own private space, wherever you are

A laptop makes for your own private space, wherever you are

I forgot that it’s a little bewildering to be alone in a new place, feeling like a definite foreigner and still a little afraid to use the new phrases I’ve learned.  But I’m trusting that as I get my bearings I’ll settle in.

I’ve got a great little car and this is the first time I’ve driven outside of North America, I navigated the roundabouts and made it into the city center.    I can’t wait to show you this little rental car, especially juxtaposed to our truck at home…I think my car might fit in the bed of our truck.

Can’t wait to share some actual photos of the city! It definitely charming and reminds me a bit of Lerwick in Shetland.


6 thoughts on “We Flew Over the Night

  1. I did more or less the same trip, back from the US over Canada and Iceland. A nice flight.
    Look forward to your pictures and stories of the Iceland adventure 🙂 enjoy!

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