Fish Soup

Fish Soup

This was my lunch, the best fish soup I have ever had.  And it was a bottomless bowl!  Anyhow I wish I was eating this again for dinner but instead I will be snacking on hard-boiled eggs and dipping my finger in cashew butter while I drive.  I have quite a few hours ahead of me and thus I’m on my way. Hope your meals are tasty today.

3 thoughts on “Mouthwatering

  1. Hi,

    I have been enjoying you Iceandic posts. I’ve been enamored with Iceland for years (well before I started knitting) and hope to make over there soon.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I found you on Kate Davies’ website, and am glad I did.
    These Icelandic photos and your experiences have done wonders for me and my knitting this August.

    x-x-x-x Carry on!!

    • Wonderful RockandWool, I’m glad to have inspired more knitting! I’m just arriving home and have many more knitterly things to share in the coming weeks.

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