Home, I’m Making My Way Home

I’ve made it home and it’s bittersweet.  It’s good to be home, I was ready to be done with driving my overpacked little car, getting lost, spending money for every little thing and being rather perpetually wet. And what a place to come home to, Cordova is just spectacular, it’s really hard to top the beauty of this place on a clear day.  And surprisingly Alaska is quite a bit warmer than Iceland right now.  I feel like I’ve been catapulted back to summer, or at least the tail end of summer in the north.

Colors in Old Harbor District in Rékjavik

Colors in Old Harbor District in Rékjavik

But I was sad to leave Iceland.  My heart is heavy with the feeling of separation.

Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Iceland is enchanting: the waterfalls, the moss covered lava, the steaming hot pots, the stories written in to the land and the lovely easy going people.  I will miss the fulfilling chance encounters and long conversations over lingering cups of coffee.  I will miss the ubiquitous creativity.  Like this kind of thing:

Wooden Sheep in Akureyri

Wooden Sheep in Akureyri

Or this:

Icelandic Flag...Street Art in Rékjavik

Icelandic Flag…Street Art in Rékjavik

Or this song from a concert I happened by during Reykjavik’s Culture Night.  These girls are only 14 and this is part of their “choir” class at school.  I was consistently blown away by the talent there.  (I’ll put up a link just as soon as I can get it uploaded to youtube)

Small performace  by High School girls at Menningarnótt 2013

Small performance by High School girls at Menningarnótt 2013

Yesterday I began to cling to every last bit of Icelandic I heard and felt the final cord being cut as I walked off the plane in Anchorage.  I had spent the 7 hour flight watching Icelandic programs and listening to the wonderful variety of Icelandic musicians.  I knew with that final “bless bless”….I wouldn’t hear any more Icelandic for quite awhile, at least not in person. This morning I’ve been obsessively listening to Icelandic bands I’ve fallen in love with and I can’t get enough of this one song, Heimförin by Ásgeir Trausti. It’s an apt sentiment for today.  I really like it in Icelandic but he has recorded an English version as well: Going Home.

Northern Iceland, East of Mývatn

Northern Iceland, East of Mývatn

Iceland is both desolate and inviting all at once.  I found it to be a very soul stirring place and I do hope to return soon.

Over these next few months, I’ll be taking all the material I gathered there and bringing forth some new things.  I’ll be writing and dyeing, designing and knitting and making a collection of things for those who wish to fall in love with Iceland as well.

But for now, I’m going to set to work on these piles and content myself with walking on the new sheepskin rug on my bedroom floor and the visage of my husband setting off to work today in his new Icelandic t-shirt.

Today's work...I'm not sure how all of this fit in my little car!

Today’s work…I’m not sure how all of this fit in my little car!

Oh and I might enjoy finding new homes for all the special goodies I returned home with, like this vintage map of the country.

New Map!
New Map!

12 thoughts on “Home, I’m Making My Way Home

  1. Really wish I could see Iceland! It sounds so beautiful! Here in South Africa it is still winter till Sunday. Today was 28 degrees Celcius. Iceland people would not believe it- my wife has NEVER seen snow in real life…

  2. 28 is such a comfortable temperature, I’m a bit jealous! I do hope you get to bundle up at some point on a cold weather vacation..but if not, at least enjoy those temps for all of us in the under 10 C zone!

  3. Hi Shelly! I’m at home processing my new Romney fleece…I took the sunshine as an omen…play with wool:) I hope to make it to spinning night on Wed. I’m sure you’ll need a few days recovery time before I bombard you:)

  4. it’s the same story I heard from my aunt 20 years ago, and from a friend a while ago. It must be great up there. I felt the same when I left Shetland.
    It’s a bit weird, you talking about leaving Iceland while you do live in a gorgeous place yourself!
    Home is where the heart is.
    Do you have any plans to go back?

    I’ll be waiting for your impressions of Iceland; knitting, photography or other. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful voyage.

    • Hi Monique, Yes I felt similar with Shetland as well. Yes Alaska is beautiful but it’s not the only place to love. We are hoping to take the high school Science Club next summer….and I’d love to go back before then…but we’ll see what’s in the cards.

  5. I love this post – thank you so much for sharing it! I’m also excited to see how your paper lace knitting turns out. We actually met in line at Blue Lagoon (I’m Nicole, I was with my husband, Michael.) Thanks for sharing your blog with me. 🙂

    • Hi Nicole, I hope you had a great soak that day and enjoyed the rest of your trip. Where else did you love visiting? I ended up going to Keflavik’s swimming pool, hot pots, sauna after I left. It wasn’t quite the same atmosphere, with the American Country music blasting, but it was only about $3 USD and I could get in! I look forward to visiting the Blue Lagoon though…next trip!

  6. I love the vintage map. Next time I am south of Ultima Thule lets pour over it and give me the break down of the land. I am listening to the music and digging it.

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