Icelandic Reflections

Bubbling mud in North Iceland

Bubbling mud in North Iceland

I was on that smoldering and soggy isle for only two weeks, but my visit left me with some thoughts on why to go and why not to go to Iceland.

There were of course many aspects of Iceland that both surprised and delighted me.

Stay tuned as I send some posts your way over the next couple of weeks! 

And if you missed any of my past Iceland posts, written while traveling you can find them here.

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Iceland Post 5: Surprise Jazz Parade

Iceland Post 6:  Knitting Goodness

Iceland Post 7: What a day…was this just one!

Iceland Post 8: By the Seashore

Iceland Post 9: Short sweet…did you see my shawl starting?

Iceland Post 10:  North Iceland

Iceland post 11: On my way home

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