Early SpringWe all live in  special places, but coastal Alaska really is a jewel unto itself.  It’s inspiring to see they daily changes and seasonal rhythms that animate this community.  This is my noticing, my observations of the small moments of beauty and uniqueness this environment, this life has to offer.

A chance to delight in the discovery and experience of this place, perhaps common and familiar at times and exotic and spell binding at others.  And mostly to not let it all slip away too quickly, instead to pin it down for just a moment before the seasons spin on into years.

I write a fair bit about the knitting and dyeing that makes up my days and also about the odd adventure of living here…like eating bear sausage for breakfast or trying to stuff 70 salmon into your freezer.

So, welcome!  I hope you find yourself at home while you’re here and may you find some morsels of inspiration nestled in the posts.

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Great snow pics! Would you be interested in sending some to Reuters? Please let me know. Thanks. Yereth Rosen, 907-349-4588

  2. Hi, I ran across your blog while trying to name a pink flower that took over my backyard. You, too had trouble identifying it, I think you posted the photo in July or August 2011, “another unidentified pink flower”. Well, I found out it’s called a wild pink, a predecessor to the carnation. Beautiful photos in your blog!

  3. Your yarns and photos are beautiful. Do you sell them in Anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley area? Homer? We’d like to visit Cordova some day. Friends who were stationed there with the Coast Guard loved it. My husband has a comrade at the electric cooperative there.

    Thanks for letting me know where to find your lovely yarns – Gay T in Wasilla, AK

  4. Wow, this is so exotic for me. And just now I’m re-watching Northern Exposure with my kids (they’re watching first time, obviously). I was surprised the series doesn’t seem to have aged that much (or maybe it’s me who still thinks it’s the 90s!), but was a bit disappointed to learn that it hadn’t been filmed in Alaska, but in Canada, so I’ll be coming here to this space for the real thing! Who know, maybe this Spanish lady will one day visit your beautiful land 😉 xxx

  5. I can’t help myself coming back to your blog. It’s really beautiful and very tranquil. Congratulations ! I love your pictures, they are so “zen”.

  6. alaska is so far away from where i live, in mumbai, india. and far away not just by geography but also by weather… and that makes me so curious about it. will definitely be visiting more to see what your updates are all about 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Bhavani! It is neat to peak into such different aspects of the world, I look forward to seeing a glimpse into your life in India.

  7. Happy to find another Alaskan knitter. I just visited the Net Loft early this spring. It certainly is one of the best yarn stores in Alaska. You’re lucky to have such a great resource at your fingertips.

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