Winter’s Coming: Patterns to Help you Prepare

Now that it’s September I feel like I have permission to start thinking about the cooler weather ahead and with descending temps always comes… MORE KNITTING!

Last winter I dyed a collection of yarns inspired by the Winter Light…that misunderstood phenomenon that often gets a bad rap, as people think of us in the North wasting away in the ever present darkness.

Winter's Light on Glacier Ice

Winter’s Light on Glacier Ice

But it isn’t actually always dark, not here at least. Continue reading

Lilies & Lace

I planted two Stargazer Lily plants in the garden back in mid-June and I was sure they would bloom while I was gone..but they waited!

Stargazers bloom on August 27th!

Stargazers bloom on August 27th

Two flowers opened with the sun today.  I am loving their vibrant colors.

Ready for more blooms

Ready for more blooms

Since arriving home and unpacking my Icelandic goodies I am most excited about my new paper yarn from Finland.   Continue reading

Home, I’m Making My Way Home

I’ve made it home and it’s bittersweet.  It’s good to be home, I was ready to be done with driving my overpacked little car, getting lost, spending money for every little thing and being rather perpetually wet. And what a place to come home to, Cordova is just spectacular, it’s really hard to top the beauty of this place on a clear day.  And surprisingly Alaska is quite a bit warmer than Iceland right now.  I feel like I’ve been catapulted back to summer, or at least the tail end of summer in the north.

Colors in Old Harbor District in Rékjavik

Colors in Old Harbor District in Rékjavik

But I was sad to leave Iceland.  My heart is heavy with the feeling of separation.

Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Iceland is enchanting: the waterfalls, the moss covered lava, the steaming hot pots, the stories written in to the land and the lovely easy going people.  I will miss the fulfilling chance encounters and long conversations over lingering cups of coffee.  I will miss the ubiquitous creativity. Continue reading

Staying Put

Ashley Lamb's Birds silhouetted against the sunset

Ashley Lamb’s Birds silhouetted against the sunset

I decided to stay one more night, at a spot I never intended to stay in the first place.

I’m tucked in a room at the Women’s School in Blönduós, a mid-century boarding school that taught handcrafts to women in the winter of their 18th year.  I don’t know the full history but I do know it is a very sweet space.  It houses an artist in residence program with a focus on textiles, Ashley Lamb, who created the birds pictured above, is one of the artists working out of this space.

I was lucky enough to be offered a spot for the night and after waking up exhausted, I thought maybe I’d stay just one more night. Trading some uncovered ground for some rest and coziness, a tough decision but a good one I think.

I still got out plenty today, though maybe not covering as many kilometers as yesterday but discovering some special spots and falling ever more in love with Iceland.

Let me share with you some of the loveliness of today. Continue reading

Mama Otter & The Little Pup

New Pattern Release!

New Pattern Release!

The new pattern is ready and it’s the first time I’ve had a pattern available online, for immediate download!

It’s a duo of light lacy hats, perfect for taking the chill off an autumn day…or in our case a chilly summer eve.  I don’t always love matching projects but I just find this mother & child set very sweet.

These were knit up in Snow Capped Yarns Glacier Island in The Sea Otter & The Starfish colorway. They can be knit with any worsted weight yarn in a similar weight of 125g/255yds.  The silk merino blend really catches the light and allows the simple lacework to shine.

This is my first ravelry pattern download I’m excited to have a way for people to link their projects and thus have a chance to see them all knit up!

There’s Magic in the Details

I dyed a new batch of yarn.  A brand new colorway.

The Sea Otter & The Starfish

The Sea Otter & The Starfish

It’s called,

“The Sea Otter & The Starfish”

Inspired by the sea otters lazing about Prince William Sound.


Occasionally you see them with

a starfish, a brilliant plum Pacific Sea Star.

But of course, you don’t always have your camera.

So sometimes you work with lovely people, who just might draw you one, if you ask real nice.  You might not actually even have to ask, but just secretly hope.


And that lovely drawing might just be accompanied by well researched fonts and end up looking darling on a yarn label.

Hand Painted Yarn Labels

and she might even hand paint every single one, because after all, there are only 60.

Like I said the magic is in the details.


If you’d like a skein of your very own, you can find them on The Net Loft  website.  Hand-dyed, limited release, on 7 luxurious bases.

And while you’re there you’d be silly not to enter our Give-Away.

Give Away Package!

Give Away Package!

Enter for a chance to win a skein of The Sea Otter & The Starfish, a Net Loft notions bag, a starfish cookie cutter and some Alaska made Fireweed Soap!

Just click here, add the Free Give-Away to your cart and one winner will be drawn

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Here’s hoping you win!

Please enter and share, I can’t wait to see how many countries are represented.

Opening Night Display

Opening Night Display

The Will to Grow

So we started out with this:


A thin patch of grass that mostly gets run over as we pull in and out of the driveway and some wooden boxes with rhubarb and horseradish.

A week later we ended up with this:

Ready to Settle In

All the plants ready to settle in

From this distance it doesn’t look like much, you can see our stone work, the 2 tiers we leveled, the stone fill so graciously given by our neighbor, and hints of greenery.  But you can’t see all the little plants and their new growth that, despite all odds, is happening.

Like this transplanted fern sending up hopeful new shoots, even though we moved it when it was 3 feet tall.

New Fiddleheads Emerging

New Fiddleheads Emerging

Or the wild iris & columbine, plucked from two totally different ecosystems, managing to bloom, side by side.

Eyak River Iris & Wild Columbine

Eyak River Iris & Wild Columbine

Or this Yarrow that seems to be taking root and hardly shows any stress from the move.

Yarrow in the Garden

Yarrow in the Garden

The poppies continue to bloom and I’ve noticed some Queen of India nasturtiums poking their heads out of the ground.  It’s inspiring to me, their tenacity, their will to grow, even when they’re whole life has been uprooted. Pun intended.

Icelandic Poppies...sometimes orange and sometimes yellow

Icelandic Poppies…sometimes orange and sometimes yellow

The chocolate lilies and the river beauty didn’t handle the move so well, so I’ve cut them back, we’ll have to wait for next year to see if they return.

I’m excited to see the Cosmos and especially the Lilies when they put out their blooms

Lillies & Ferns

Lillies & Ferns

And now I’ve got my heart set on adding more flowers, my wish list includes: bleeding heart, foxglove, ranunculus, primula, bearded iris, tulips, lupine, delphinium and those gigantic orange poppies.  We’ve seeded some columbine, lupine, poppies and delphinium, giving them a head start for next year.  But others I’ll be hoping to gather from friends’ perennial gardens and gracious neighbors.  It’s fun for the garden to grow with stories of connection to people and relationships as well as with bold indomitable color.