Winter’s Coming: Patterns to Help you Prepare

Now that it’s September I feel like I have permission to start thinking about the cooler weather ahead and with descending temps always comes… MORE KNITTING!

Last winter I dyed a collection of yarns inspired by the Winter Light…that misunderstood phenomenon that often gets a bad rap, as people think of us in the North wasting away in the ever present darkness.

Winter's Light on Glacier Ice

Winter’s Light on Glacier Ice

But it isn’t actually always dark, not here at least. Continue reading

Lilies & Lace

I planted two Stargazer Lily plants in the garden back in mid-June and I was sure they would bloom while I was gone..but they waited!

Stargazers bloom on August 27th!

Stargazers bloom on August 27th

Two flowers opened with the sun today.  I am loving their vibrant colors.

Ready for more blooms

Ready for more blooms

Since arriving home and unpacking my Icelandic goodies I am most excited about my new paper yarn from Finland.   Continue reading

It’s Been Almost a Month…sigh.

Oh blog world how I’ve missed you!

Grizzly Cub in Denali

Grizzly Cub in Denali

I won’t bore you with my stories of 2 weeks of computer repair or internet failure, but rather just say that it’s easier for me to get out there and write when I’m regularly writing and it’s a lot harder once I stop.  Objects in motion tend to remain in motion and objects at rest tend to remain at rest.

Wild Arctic Poppies

Wild Arctic Poppies

As I look through my photos of the past month there has been so much great stuff that has happened!  Here’s the brief photo synopisis, just to get me up to speed so I can move forward with writing!

The latest yarn release was a success and the yarn give away was won, thank you all for participating!

Yarn Release Party

Yarn Release Party

I’m just about to release the accompanying pattern: The Sea Otter & the Little Pup: a duo of mother & baby hats


more to come on that!

Where did Harper go?

Where did Harper go?

It was a lovely July up here, with a few cloudy days here and there.  Check out this awesome video of our town-wide 4th of July celebration and see how much fun you can have in the rain.

We took some time with visiting family to play in Cordova and head up to Denali and get out on some hikes.

Warren on the Ridge of Mt Eyak

Warren on the Ridge of Mt Eyak


Denali Hiking

Denali Hiking

And do some relaxing by the river

Teklanika River

Teklanika River

The salmon are all spawning

Sockeye Salmon Spawning up River

Sockeye Salmon Spawning up River

and the fireweed is in full bloom all over the state

Fireweed in Denali

Fireweed in Denali

the quintessential hallmarks of an Alaskan Summer.

Even the bears are out filling up for winter

Mamma & Two Cubs in Denali

Mamma & Two Cubs in Denali

And now July has turned to August I’m in full on preparations for my next adventure:


Our house is littered with maps and guidebooks and the sounds of me trying to learn the 10 letters of the Icleandic language that don’t exist in English.  Let’s hope I’m a fast learner, because I leave in less than a week!

There’s Magic in the Details

I dyed a new batch of yarn.  A brand new colorway.

The Sea Otter & The Starfish

The Sea Otter & The Starfish

It’s called,

“The Sea Otter & The Starfish”

Inspired by the sea otters lazing about Prince William Sound.


Occasionally you see them with

a starfish, a brilliant plum Pacific Sea Star.

But of course, you don’t always have your camera.

So sometimes you work with lovely people, who just might draw you one, if you ask real nice.  You might not actually even have to ask, but just secretly hope.


And that lovely drawing might just be accompanied by well researched fonts and end up looking darling on a yarn label.

Hand Painted Yarn Labels

and she might even hand paint every single one, because after all, there are only 60.

Like I said the magic is in the details.


If you’d like a skein of your very own, you can find them on The Net Loft  website.  Hand-dyed, limited release, on 7 luxurious bases.

And while you’re there you’d be silly not to enter our Give-Away.

Give Away Package!

Give Away Package!

Enter for a chance to win a skein of The Sea Otter & The Starfish, a Net Loft notions bag, a starfish cookie cutter and some Alaska made Fireweed Soap!

Just click here, add the Free Give-Away to your cart and one winner will be drawn

next Wed July 17th!

Here’s hoping you win!

Please enter and share, I can’t wait to see how many countries are represented.

Opening Night Display

Opening Night Display

The Will to Grow

So we started out with this:


A thin patch of grass that mostly gets run over as we pull in and out of the driveway and some wooden boxes with rhubarb and horseradish.

A week later we ended up with this:

Ready to Settle In

All the plants ready to settle in

From this distance it doesn’t look like much, you can see our stone work, the 2 tiers we leveled, the stone fill so graciously given by our neighbor, and hints of greenery.  But you can’t see all the little plants and their new growth that, despite all odds, is happening.

Like this transplanted fern sending up hopeful new shoots, even though we moved it when it was 3 feet tall.

New Fiddleheads Emerging

New Fiddleheads Emerging

Or the wild iris & columbine, plucked from two totally different ecosystems, managing to bloom, side by side.

Eyak River Iris & Wild Columbine

Eyak River Iris & Wild Columbine

Or this Yarrow that seems to be taking root and hardly shows any stress from the move.

Yarrow in the Garden

Yarrow in the Garden

The poppies continue to bloom and I’ve noticed some Queen of India nasturtiums poking their heads out of the ground.  It’s inspiring to me, their tenacity, their will to grow, even when they’re whole life has been uprooted. Pun intended.

Icelandic Poppies...sometimes orange and sometimes yellow

Icelandic Poppies…sometimes orange and sometimes yellow

The chocolate lilies and the river beauty didn’t handle the move so well, so I’ve cut them back, we’ll have to wait for next year to see if they return.

I’m excited to see the Cosmos and especially the Lilies when they put out their blooms

Lillies & Ferns

Lillies & Ferns

And now I’ve got my heart set on adding more flowers, my wish list includes: bleeding heart, foxglove, ranunculus, primula, bearded iris, tulips, lupine, delphinium and those gigantic orange poppies.  We’ve seeded some columbine, lupine, poppies and delphinium, giving them a head start for next year.  But others I’ll be hoping to gather from friends’ perennial gardens and gracious neighbors.  It’s fun for the garden to grow with stories of connection to people and relationships as well as with bold indomitable color.

Weekly Love #5

A week of gratitudes, one per day


I’m grateful for my friend Hannah, for the chance to catch up over the phone lines and across the digital world.  She’s pretty great.  I appreciate her for cutting off my march in endless circles by asking a few important questions, breaking up the muddiness and letting in some light.

She really good at’s kind of what she does.


How fun, it was our friend Jessyka’s 30th birthday!

Birthday Jessyka

Birthday Jessyka

If you want to hear more details or see more photos, she wrote a lovely post on her blog, Let’s Talk About Beer! 

I’m glad the rain held off just one more day so we could shake it up a bit and have a get together down the river.  I appreciate our great crew of friends here, who could happily entertain themselves all day long on the sandy river’s edge  and in the water.

By the Campfire

By the Campfire


It’s  been a people week I guess!  Monday we got a surprise visit from one of our more adventurous friends, Scott Peters, who had just finished taking a group rafting down the Copper River with the St Elias Guides  (One of the calmer things he’s done recently.)  You can read more about him finishing the  Alaska Wilderness Classic  and his frost bit toes on his blog, Atalkata.  Or see him here at 18,000 feet at Everest Base Camp

photo courtesy of Scott Peters at

photo courtesy of Scott Peters

We met up for a drink and it was nice to check in and see what the last year had brought for all of us.  His stories are pretty inspiring!


I had a patient today that is doing so well, their worries, their symptoms, their discomfort,  all resolving and their life distinctly better for it.  I’m grateful to have an opportunity to influence that outcome for a person.  Acupuncture is sometimes great medicine.


I was very excited about our unusual job of picking Wesley up from daycare while his mom worked late.  It was a fun reminder of how very un-childproof our house is and that it is much easier to put rain boots on a kid then try to prevent them from jumping in puddles.

I also appreciate how great Heath is with all of our little friends.  Him & Wesley have a pretty good time.

Heath & Wesley Playing

Heath & Wesley Playing


Heath & Wesley Walking

I’m sure this is Wesley’s preferred position for travel.


Oh Yeah, Day Off for the 4th of July!  That was pretty great in itself.  I ended up working on Snow Capped Yarns all day and finished winding a new batch of yarn.  I delivered 61 skeins of yarn to the Net Loft where Dotty & I had a power session, photographing and plotting for the next release.

I can’t show you the brand new yarn yet, but does is suffice to say that I LOVE it. We’re deciding on a release day, but I think it might be as soon as this weekend so you won’t have to wait long.  To tide you over here’s a skein of cashmere silk fingering weight dyed in Alpenglow that’s headed for the website!

Snow Capped Yarns

Snow Capped Yarns


So that brings us to today, which has really just begun for me.  It’s 8:53 am and I’ve been writing this post since I woke up.  I’m terribly grateful to have a project day…maybe put that second coat of paint on the ceiling and put away the laundry.  I’ve still been listening to The Desire Map, and loving it, so that will make dishwashing actually enjoyable! It’s been such a full week, I can handle another stormy day.

If you want to join in this exercise of gratitude and pause, I would LOVE it, please do! Instructions are right here and I tell you more about it on my very first Weekly Gratitude .


Today I had some acupuncture.


It’s been awhile..I’m reticent to say, but maybe a few months.

This is made all the worse because I am an acupuncturist, this is what I do all day, most days of the week.  But it usually takes a major confluence of events for me to actually end up on the table,

sticking needles in myself.

I don’t recommend this, if you have options, but I live in a remote town and I am my only option.

When I do treat myself it’s usually fairly simple, usually only a couple points on each limb, maybe one on the abdomen.  I’ve gotten good at needling my feet and then gingerly reclining without moving my legs, adjusting my hips and then finishing off with needles on my arms.


When I’m working with patients I see a lot of sciatica, a lot of rhomboid pain, problems with arms and knees and problems with all parts in between.  I also see insomnia that sometimes won’t budge and anxiety that responds like a charm.  I see stress in all its many manifestations and flatness that weighs a soul down.

I could feel myself revving up today, my heart beating a little faster, my mind a little busier.  I’ve got change in the pipeline, I’ve put some new ideas out there into the universe and now I am in the uncertain place that is neither here nor there…and for me that tends to show up in something like background anxiety or nervousness.


I’m not paying it too much attention, it’s just what I do when change is on the horizon,

it’s just how uncertainty looks in my body.

But I had a cancellation today and put myself on the table.


8 needles and I knocked myself out.

It was long overdue and it was fantastic.

Sometimes being on the other side of the needle you forget how deeply soothing acupuncture can be.

How calming the nervous system FEELS different then telling your patient that acupuncture will calm you.  Telling them that part of its’ strength is the ability to shift you from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic.  From fight or flight to rest and digest.

It’s different to say it than it is to feel it.


And even if you’ve been there a hundred times, you forget.  At least I do.

One thing that I don’t hear anyone mention about Acupuncture is that

it is a POTENT way to tap into your creativity…your source

It gives your whole self


a fresh start

it loosens your mind’s grip on reality as it normally sees it.

It sends you drifting between here and there in dreamlike spaces only to eventually surface