Don’t Go to Iceland if…

Snæfellsnes Hike

Snæfellsnes Hike

1.  You want to be warm

At least not this summer!  I live in Alaska where 65 degrees is a great summer day.  I love winter.  I went to Iceland in mid-August and I was cold.  I wore my winter down jacket most days with a wool hat and more than once wished I had mittens on. It wasn’t too cold to sleep in my tent (with two sleeping bags) or be outside for long stretches of time, provided you were wearing wool.  But I wouldn’t head to Iceland if a warm weather vacation was your top priority.  But to be fair I heard that this summer was particularly cold and rainy.  If you want proof listen to this little soundbite and language lesson from I heart Rekjavík.

2.  You want to travel on the cheap

Iceland is as expensive as they say.  I found that often $22 USD was the cheapest item on the menu lunch or dinner and I paid $17USD for a glass of house wine at a hostel!  That being said, if you have some willpower I think you can see Iceland without breaking the bank.  But that’s going to mean not eating out all that often, not going out for drinks and not bringing home oodles of great souvenirs…and what fun would that be!  Continue reading

Staying Put

Ashley Lamb's Birds silhouetted against the sunset

Ashley Lamb’s Birds silhouetted against the sunset

I decided to stay one more night, at a spot I never intended to stay in the first place.

I’m tucked in a room at the Women’s School in Blönduós, a mid-century boarding school that taught handcrafts to women in the winter of their 18th year.  I don’t know the full history but I do know it is a very sweet space.  It houses an artist in residence program with a focus on textiles, Ashley Lamb, who created the birds pictured above, is one of the artists working out of this space.

I was lucky enough to be offered a spot for the night and after waking up exhausted, I thought maybe I’d stay just one more night. Trading some uncovered ground for some rest and coziness, a tough decision but a good one I think.

I still got out plenty today, though maybe not covering as many kilometers as yesterday but discovering some special spots and falling ever more in love with Iceland.

Let me share with you some of the loveliness of today. Continue reading