Winter’s Coming: Patterns to Help you Prepare

Now that it’s September I feel like I have permission to start thinking about the cooler weather ahead and with descending temps always comes… MORE KNITTING!

Last winter I dyed a collection of yarns inspired by the Winter Light…that misunderstood phenomenon that often gets a bad rap, as people think of us in the North wasting away in the ever present darkness.

Winter's Light on Glacier Ice

Winter’s Light on Glacier Ice

But it isn’t actually always dark, not here at least. Continue reading

Lilies & Lace

I planted two Stargazer Lily plants in the garden back in mid-June and I was sure they would bloom while I was gone..but they waited!

Stargazers bloom on August 27th!

Stargazers bloom on August 27th

Two flowers opened with the sun today.  I am loving their vibrant colors.

Ready for more blooms

Ready for more blooms

Since arriving home and unpacking my Icelandic goodies I am most excited about my new paper yarn from Finland.   Continue reading

Home, I’m Making My Way Home

I’ve made it home and it’s bittersweet.  It’s good to be home, I was ready to be done with driving my overpacked little car, getting lost, spending money for every little thing and being rather perpetually wet. And what a place to come home to, Cordova is just spectacular, it’s really hard to top the beauty of this place on a clear day.  And surprisingly Alaska is quite a bit warmer than Iceland right now.  I feel like I’ve been catapulted back to summer, or at least the tail end of summer in the north.

Colors in Old Harbor District in Rékjavik

Colors in Old Harbor District in Rékjavik

But I was sad to leave Iceland.  My heart is heavy with the feeling of separation.

Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Iceland is enchanting: the waterfalls, the moss covered lava, the steaming hot pots, the stories written in to the land and the lovely easy going people.  I will miss the fulfilling chance encounters and long conversations over lingering cups of coffee.  I will miss the ubiquitous creativity. Continue reading

Staying Put

Ashley Lamb's Birds silhouetted against the sunset

Ashley Lamb’s Birds silhouetted against the sunset

I decided to stay one more night, at a spot I never intended to stay in the first place.

I’m tucked in a room at the Women’s School in Blönduós, a mid-century boarding school that taught handcrafts to women in the winter of their 18th year.  I don’t know the full history but I do know it is a very sweet space.  It houses an artist in residence program with a focus on textiles, Ashley Lamb, who created the birds pictured above, is one of the artists working out of this space.

I was lucky enough to be offered a spot for the night and after waking up exhausted, I thought maybe I’d stay just one more night. Trading some uncovered ground for some rest and coziness, a tough decision but a good one I think.

I still got out plenty today, though maybe not covering as many kilometers as yesterday but discovering some special spots and falling ever more in love with Iceland.

Let me share with you some of the loveliness of today. Continue reading

An Icelandic Adventure: My own Saga Begins

I still remember Christmas morning 1987, talking with my Aunt on the other end of phone wires that I envisioned stretching clear under the Atlantic Ocean.  She was stationed in Iceland that winter and I mostly remembered the term “white out” being used while we passed the phone around exchanging holiday greetings.  It conjured images of fitful snow as I imagined a place perfectly black in the darkness.  Black gusting wind, white driven snow…and somehow it seemed absolutely magical.

That’s probably the first time I actually heard of Iceland, I was 8.

And tomorrow I’ll be aboard an IcelandAir flight bound from Anchorage to Reykjavik.  It’s not that I’ve always dreamed of Iceland since I was a kid…but at some point in adulthood it firmly lodged itself as one of my most desired destinations.

Planning & Packing in Progress

Planning & Packing in Progress

I passed through the airport last fall on my way back from Shetland, so close but all I could do was poke around the single gift shop and the duty free, never stepping outside the airport.

But now it’s for real, I have 2 weeks, on my own, to explore.  I’m not going just for vacation, though I imagine my itinerary will feel quite satisfying.  Rather I’m going to do some groundwork for a knitting related project!

I’m greatly looking forward to watching the adventure unfold.  I plan on photographing and documenting so that I can share it with you…or anyone you know who happens to be besotted by the dual obsessions of Knitting & Iceland.

Now back to packing.  Don’t worry I am bringing an extra duffel, one can never underestimate the amount of yarn you might need to bring home!