Music for the Weekend…à la Iceland

I made a playlist to share with you!

And now that it’s the weekend maybe you can enjoy listening to it while making breakfast or lounging around and catching up from the week.

Iceland has some fantastic original music and an impressive percentage of residents who are also musicians (and writers and artists for that matter!)  One year I’d love to check out the  Airwaves festival featuring Icelandic bands as well as international talent on the brink of making it big.  It happens at the end of October and looks like a fantastic time…watching concerts while hanging out in geothermal hotpools!

Until then we can both listen to some innovative Icelandic artists from the comfort of our own homes.   Here’s a playlist I made, a collection of songs that I enjoyed on my trip, just click on the play button on the water below to enjoy them yourself!

Let me know who you like, feel free to share and please recommend more!