Moving Day…Won’t you Come Along!

It’s true I’m moving.  Sorry to surprise you but it came on kind of quickly.

It took a couple of weeks but I’ve built a new webpage and I figured it made sense to house the blog over there too.

I’m leaving wordpress and South of Ultima Thule and I’m getting resettled at

Come check it out…there are pictures of sheep:


and a place to buy knitting patterns.

Sea Otter & The Little Pup Hat Pattern

Sea Otter & The Little Pup Hat Pattern

and this very same blog.

Chances are if you’ve enjoyed this space, then you’ll like  Woolen Travels, just as much.  It’s still me.  I’ll still be writing about life in Alaska, the quirks of Cordova, little adventures, big travels and of course more wool.

I have quite a few projects in the works at the moment and that’s what precipitated the move.  I needed a more versatile platform to present them to you.  More patterns, more yarn and some special Iceland related things.  I promise not to keep you waiting too long.  New website was the logical next step.

If you’d like to continue to receive the blog in your email you’ll need to sign up in the subscribe box here.

If you were following South of Ultima Thule it won’t automatically transfer, but I’d love to still have you as a reader.

And if you’re still reading now

maybe it’s time to explain why I chose South of Ultima Thule as a name for this blog anyway.

Let’s look at the definition:

ultima Thu·le  (thl)


1. The northernmost region of the habitable world as thought of by ancient geographers.
2. A distant territory or destination.
3. A remote goal or ideal
So you see, Cordova, Alaska is considered North when compared to most places, but really if you’re up here you know we’re a long ways from the Far North and the real cold…thus South of Ultima Thule.  And as tangible and sometimes mundane as Alaska is,  it still remains mythic in the collective conscience.  So I thought it was a pretty fitting name.
But interestingly enough check out this definition:
Ultima Thule was also, “Posited as an island north of Britain, it has been variously identified with Iceland, Norway, and the Shetland Islands.”
Which, as I started to travel to Shetland & Iceland just started to make things confusing.  Maybe someone in the UK should really be using the name South of Ultima Thule…to be entirely correct.
So I do still love the name but I’ve settled on something less esoteric and more geographically correct.  But don’t worry the mystery and magic of Alaska will remain.
Denali Grizzlies

Denali Grizzlies

Thanks for reading South of Ultima Thule.  Can’t wait to see you at!
Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle